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Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle Amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a crucial aspect that features a deep connection between the physical body, mind, spirit and the community at large. As the pandemic uncontrollably ravages most parts of the world, we don’t have control over anything. The best we can do right now is keeping safe and leading a healthy lifestyle indoors. The choices you make on your personal health and wellness play a significant role in bringing a balance to your life, especially during these harsh times. Some of the vital choices you can make to bring balance in your life right now are based on nutrition, physical fitness, mental wellness, and attitude.


Nutrition plays a significant role in one’s health and wellness. Leading a healthy lifestyle requires you to ensure you’re taking nutritious diets. Healthy eating habits have impacts on both your physical and mental wellbeing. A nutritious diet leads to increased energy levels, sharper mental focus, and weight moderation.

On the other hand, unhealthy eating habits expose you to many health risks such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and kidney diseases, which can lead to death. A healthy diet will also strengthen your immune system, and this will reduce your chances of falling victim to coronavirus.

Physical wellness.

With the current guidelines that encourage social distancing, many people are finding themselves adopting sedentary lifestyles at home, which often lead to exercising being forgotten. However, it is important to note the benefits of exercising and keeping fit especially during these unprecedented times. Exercising is crucial to your general health and wellbeing for your body and mind. Exercising boosts your energy levels and improves your immunity which gives keeps you away from many health conditions and diseases.

Mental wellness.

Many people have been impacted differently by the ongoing pandemic. Many have lost their jobs, while others have lost their friends and family members. All these could have greatly affect one's mental wellness.

Your mental wellness is of great importance during these challenging times. It would be best if you did all it takes to ensure your mental stability and health. A stressed mind puts even your physical wellness at risk.

While we can evade all causes of stress, we can develop ways of responding to them. One of the best responses you can use to maintain your mental wellness is relaxation. The best relaxation techniques include meditation, yoga, and taking deep breaths and resting through enough sleep. Relaxation increases your stamina, calm one's thoughts, and improve one's mood.

Positive attitude.

Maintaining a positive attitude can help you lead a healthy lifestyle during these harsh times. Appositive attitude or mindset will enable you to approach the current situation positively and in a more productive way, instead of ignoring everything. Ensure you keep all negative thoughts at bay to maintain your mental wellbeing. Numerous studies have shown that individuals who are generally optimistic about life enjoy healthy and quality life than those who are pessimistic.

Conclusively, let us all keep safe and take care of ourselves and those we love.

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Harry Mucui
Harry Mucui
Oct 21, 2020

When you look around, let's say on social media, you realize that many people, especially the younger generation have been praising the wrong things or lifestyles during these unprecedented times. People have been posting on how they don't cook but eat pizza for days, 'netflix and chill' the whole day, and so on. This article is a CTA against all those bad habits.


Louis L.S.J. Krüger
Louis L.S.J. Krüger
Oct 19, 2020

Sounds OK, but from what base does this author speak?

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