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Should I Quit My Job?

“Should I quit my job?” Has this question ever crossed your mind, but you’re not sure whether you’re doing it for the right reasons? Or are you worried about your current employer, especially during these uncertain times? However, one thing to note is that having this kind of questions is something normal. There’s nothing bad about it.

If you’re seeking for an answer to this question, the answer I give is in the form of another bigger question, which when you answer, you’ll arrive at your precise decision. The question you should answer first is;

Is my current job making me a better person?

As human beings, we’re meant to continuously develop and grow wherever we are. Your job is supposed to be helping you grow socially, emotionally, and most importantly, career-wise. In other words, your job should be compelling you to grow to a better person all around and be the best version of yourself.

If you realize your current job is compelling you to become a better person, even hating the job is not a reason enough to quit. In fact, you should hold on there until you learn to tame your hatred. That is also a form of personal development.

But what if you realize your current job is making you no better person? This brings to another question;

Do you think you can change things if you stay?

Sometimes, the problem is not the job; it could be your attitude towards the job, which is a dangerous mental jail. Sometimes the problem is you; you could be your own barrier to becoming a better person. It could be your own mental chains. If this turns out to be the problem, you should consider giving yourself some time and work on it.

However, the organization, through its culture and policies, could sometimes be unfavourable for personal growth. In such a case, you should consider talking to your employer to see if things could change. If it proves futile, maybe it’s time to look for the next opportunity.

Conclusively, before you quit your job, it is best if you had a solid plan, whether establishing a start-up or searching for greener pastures.

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