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Resume Disaster

The quickest way to get dropped as a job applicant is by submitting a flawed resume. Your resume is the key aspect that employers use to assess job applicants and their abilities. Any mistake in your resume, no matter how small it is, makes you look unprofessional and unqualified. Some of the most commonly made simple mistakes will be highlighted in this article.

Too much information.

Too much information in your resume doesn’t make you as a job applicant stand out from the rest. Writing everything about each of your previous jobs does not increase your experience; instead, focus only on the highlights. Remember, less is more. Also, limit your resume to the last 10 or 15 years of work experience to avoid writing too much information. Always try to keep your resume as simple as possible.

Also, avoid adding attachments to your resume; instead, send them separately.

Fancy, unreadable fonts.

The font you use on your resume plays a significant role in the readability of your application, thus making your resume look professional. It is best if you avoid using fancy or too extravagant fonts that might be hard to read. Don’t let simple mistakes like font bar you from landing your dream job.

Too many forced keywords or buzzwords.

Often, too many applicants tend to include buzzwords that are outside of their context when sending their applications. Too much use of buzzwords or keywords such as ‘strategic thinker’ ‘hardworking’ ‘dynamic’ ‘’detail-oriented’ among other fancy words, does not make an applicant stand out; instead, it decreases the credibility of the application. Avoid using too much of these words, and only use those within your context.

Grammar or spelling mistakes.

A single grammar error in your resume proves to the recruiter that you weren’t keen during the application process. To ensure your resume is error-free before submission, ensure you thoroughly proofread it, and give it to someone you trust to proofread it further. Additionally, you can make use of the online available proofreading tools such as Grammarly.

Content disorder.

Not following the right order when writing your resume is similar to a grammar error, which can cost you the job. Make sure you follow the right order for writing a resume. If you’re not sure, you can check out different resume writing guidelines and templates available online.

Although human is to error, try as much as possible to submit an error-free resume, which will make you stand out.

Additionally, as a recruitment agency, we would not want you looking incompetent due to the mere reason of a substandard resume. Regarding that, we offer professional resume writing and reviewing services where we write or fix resumes to make sure they meet the standards. You should consider using professional services to guarantee the quality and competency of your resume.

Conclusively, we offer professional interview coaching services that equip job seekers with the appropriate interview techniques and confidence. You can schedule an interview coaching session with us if you wish to learn more about what interviewers look for in interviewees.

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