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Stuck at home- What now

If someone told you that there would come a time when no human will be allowed to go outside and interact and have fun, you would swear with your life there will never be such times. That could only be real in a fictional movie or in one's wildest dreams. Well, that fictional moment came into reality when the novel coronavirus came knocking in the world.

The deadly virus spread so fast leading to various governments and states all over the world to implement desperate public health measures such as lockdown of cities, isolating the infected, closing all social and public activities and quarantining suspected individuals.

The implemented policies, together with the on-going "STAY HOME" worldwide campaign has seen many people remain confined within the walls of their houses and only with the company of themselves or the lucky ones with the company of their loved ones.

For most people remaining at home for such long extensions o

f time, with some having lost their jobs, is a huge source of anxiety, boredom, and depression. The uncertainties surrounding the pandemic is one of the hardest things to take in. No one knows how exactly we are going to be impacted or to what extend the situation might reach. What a bad time to be alive!

However, all is not lost. There is always a spark at the end, even the darkest tunnels. As we continue keeping our hopes to get through this high, we also need to borrow some tips that will enable us to be able to get over our anxiety and fears and manage them well.

How to maintain psychological wellbeing while staying at home

1. Plan well on practical things.

One of the essential and fundamental things that you need to have a good plan on is how you will acquire your household supplies. You can do this through online platforms that you can use to reach your local grocery, chemist, and any other supplies you need during the period you will be stuck at home. Also, ensure you continue accessing your previous treatments and care for any pre-existing conditions.

2. Stay connected with the outside world.

The most important thing that you can do during these tough times to keep your hopes alive is to ensure you are always connected with others through the available virtual means. At the end of every day, reach out to your friends and family if you are not with them and check on them. Know how their day was, share your day’s experiences and even play games where possible. Also, ensure you share the problems you are going through and listen to their challenges too.

3. Take care of your body.

Our physical wellbeing has a significant impact on how our mental wellness. During hard times like these, it is very easy to acquire unhealthy habits that could get you feeling worse. Eat balanced meals, stay hydrated by drinking enough water and exercise thoroughly on a daily basis. Avoid excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol and other drugs at all costs.

4. Do the things you love

You can stop the feeling of anxiety and fear by doing the things you love. These tough times of being stuck at home can also be a perfect time which you should spend doing your hobbies and other activities you enjoy doing. Use this time to learn new skills and polish the already existing ones. Listen to good music, play with your siblings or pets, and make every moment count.

Remember that you are not alone in this. We are all in this together. Just keep your flame of hope burning and relax your way through this. Just remember, this is temporary.

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