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2020 National Espresso Day

Espresso, which in Italian means ‘quick in time,’ is a rich and powerful, nitro-boost component that a coffee-lover should never miss for a day if they want to beat those tough and long days and nights. Espresso is a refinement of coffee, distilled down to its purest and most potent elements, and packed specially in cups that, if you ask me, should have a warning label indicating “Beware of High Vibration and Caffeine Jitters.”

However, contrary to many people's belief, espresso is not a specific coffee bean or roast level. In fact, any bean can be used to make espresso. What makes espresso unique is its brewing technique, which involves forcing pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee to produce a concentrated coffee topped with a beautiful but delicate foam (crema).

2020 National Espresso Day in the US will happen on November 23. Are you wondering why we celebrate Espresso Day? Let me give you a little bit of the history and origin of espresso to join the dots.

History of Espresso.

Before 1884, tired laborers would rely solely on willpower to beat tedious and long days and nights. Others would place their faith in the only source of caffeination, which was diluted usual coffee or tea. In 1884 in Turin, Angelo Moriondo invents a machine that brought a new age of enlightenment to coffee lovers. Angelo invented a machine that separately controlled the passing of steam and water through coffee beans to extract the ultimate potential from them. Thanks to Angelo, people now had a chance to experience the full magic of the humble coffee bean.

Espresso Day was created in honor of this invention, and the brilliant mind behind it. Since invention, the espresso machine has been through a lot of upgrades and innovations to what it is today. In contemporary society, an espresso machine is a household tool present in a significant number of households.

How to celebrate Espresso Day.

Celebrating Espresso Day should be a simple activity. If you’re wondering how to observe 2020 Espresso Day, let me give you a suggestion. Celebrating Espresso Day should be as simple as hitting your local caffenation joint, whether it’s Starbucks, Dunkin’ or Folgers, order your espresso, and raise your small glass containing your triple-shot espresso, and toast to Angelo Moriondo and his incredible works with your friends or those around. Also, don’t forget to post your triple-shot espresso under the #NationalEspressoDay on all social media platforms. On your way home, pass by a store and get your own espresso machine if you don’t have one.

Conclusively, don’t forget to stay safe and observe social distancing as you celebrate National Espresso Day.

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